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A data-driven approach to addressing the accounting pipeline 

Editor’s note: This article was updated on April 26, 2024.

The National Pipeline Advisory Group (NPAG) is committed to developing a unified strategy that reflects the needs of multiple stakeholders, leverages unbiased research, and leads to meaningful change. To ensure any recommendations are grounded in data and reflect input from all stakeholders, we are pursuing research and outreach activities, including a national survey planned for 2024. The findings of these efforts will help the advisory group identify root causes of pipeline attrition, prioritize key areas for improvement, and ultimately shape solutions.   

The advisory group is also leveraging existing insights from a variety of sources, including state CPA societies, accounting regulatory bodies, academic research institutes, government agencies, and many others. Here is a growing list of the public data being used to inform NPAG conversations and recommendations.  

We will continue to add data sources to this list as they are reviewed by the NPAG.