Expanding the accounting pipeline

NPAG’s draft strategy report is now available. Proposed solutions reflect a profession-wide effort to tackle the talent shortage and attract more people to a rewarding career in accounting. 

Inclusive solutions

Accounting is critical to the financial well-being of individuals, communities, businesses, and governments. The talent shortage faced by so many professions is also hitting the accounting field – leaving the public vulnerable. The National Pipeline Advisory Group (NPAG) is committed to developing a unified strategy that reflects the needs of multiple stakeholders, leverages unbiased research, and leads to meaningful change. Solutions will help address hurdles on the path to CPA licensure and provide flexibility for candidates of all backgrounds. By working together, we can boost awareness of the profession’s vital role, drive innovative pipeline strategies, and ensure the next generation of accountants is prepared for tomorrow’s challenges. 

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The NPAG represents diverse perspectives from across the profession.

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Learn about our data-driven approach to addressing the talent shortage.

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Read about the NPAG’s progress, research, and opportunities to participate.